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peterborough_planetarium_portable_inflatable_constellation_characters_groupDid you know there’s a crocodile constellation? Or a loon? Or a canoe?

ontario_planetarium_constellations_showJourney to the darkest places on Earth to learn about the Greek, Egyptian, Arab, Chinese, Korean and Norse constellations LIVE with astronomy journalists Peter McMahon and Rick Stankiewicz.

This world-exclusive planetarium experience is based on Peter‘s upcoming book on the same topic with OWL Kids Canada (most of our shows are companions to wide-release ontario_planetarium_constellationsbook or magazine projects from our presenters – an exclusive to our dome.)

In it, you’ll find such constellations as:

  • a hippo
  • the Sasquatch (Bigfoot)
  • lizards
  • jasper_caribou_constellation_pyramid_lakea caribou
  • a waterfall
  • and many more…

You’ll also find out about the constellations of ancient civilizations such as the Aztecs, Maori, and Polynesians, as well as the Inuit and North American First Nations such as the Lakota, Navajo, Blackfoot, Cree, Ojibway, and many others.



20 minutes
30 minutes
45 minutes


– constellations and sky motions
– formation, evolution, structure and nature of stars and the Solar System
– Canadian contributions to space (First Nations and Inuit sky knowledge)


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