Show experiences

ontario_planetarium_tour_universe_showGreat for festivals, parks, malls, resorts, fairs and other events and locations!


A totally ‘rebooted’ version of our most popular show: Tour constellations, the Northern Lights, and go on a thundering rocket launch into Earth orbit before visiting planets, moons, comets, stars, black holes, and galaxies


Wontario_planetarium_constellations_showORLD OF UNIVERSES
Did you know there’s a crocodile constellation? Or a loon? Journey to the darkest places on Earth to learn about the Greek, Egyptian, Arab, Chinese, Norse, Aztec, Inuit, and First Nations constellations

ontario_planetarium_mars_mission_showMISSION TO MARS
Take a 50 million km trip into the past, present, and possible future of the Red Planet. Tour valleys, mountains, ice caps, and orbit around the moons of Mars. Finally,  join our crew for a fictional first human mission to Mars

ontario_planetarium_pluto_moon_ice_worlds_showREALM OF THE ICE WORLDS
Did you know there are hundreds, even thousands of “worlds” swinging around our Sun? Most of these are icy places on the edge of the Solar System. From Pluto and the other dwarf planets to comets and moons of the outer planets, come explore the worlds you never knew

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