About us

peterborough_planetarium_portable_inflatable_dome_outside_peter_rickThe Ontario Planetarium is an innovative new way to bring world-class space and science shows to you at festivals, parks, malls, resorts, fairs and other events and locations…

…All for a fraction of the cost of a fixed facility like a big-city museum or science centre.

How it works

Our planetarium’s mobile dome and accessories can fit in a compact car, yet can seat 35 guests when inflated to its full 20 foot diameter and 14 foot height – which can be reduced for shorter ceilings.

Using modern LCD projection technology and the latest astronomy software, The Ontario Planetarium projects moving, photorealistic 3D space and science imagery on its dome.

mobile_planetarium_dome_ontarioLet the show begin!

Presenters Peter McMahon (space journalist and children’s author) and Rick Stankiewicz (accomplished astrophotographer and amateur astronomer) deliver exclusive, custom-tailored shows under the dome not available at any other facility in Canada, based on decades of experience presenting astronomy programming to large audiences across the country.



 *** please note, due to the time commitment required to set-up and disassemble the planetarium, we can only book by the day ***


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