Presenters Peter McMahon (space journalist and children’s author) and Rick Stankiewicz (accomplished astrophotographer and amateur astronomer) deliver exclusive, custom-tailored shows under the dome not available at any other facility in Canada, based on decades of experience presenting astronomy programming to large audiences across the country.

peterborough_planetarium_portable_inflatable_hercules_constellation***LINKS SPECIFIC TO OUR PRESENTATIONS***

Available shows include general overviews of such topics as seasons, constellations, tides, the Solar System, satellites, Earth/Moon/Sun, and ones with a focus on specific timely space topics such as the Northern Lights/2013 Solar Maximum, Chris Hadfield’s mission to the International Space Station, and “edutainment”-style offerings such as “Celebrity Tour of the Night Sky” and “2014: A Space Entrée

peterborough_planetarium_portable_inflatable_group_portraitCurriculum example topics:

Grade 1: Daily and season changes. The Sun is the the principle source of energy for the Earth.

Grade 6: Space exploration and the Solar System (planets, moons, asteroids, comets), Earth’s relationship with the Moon, the rest of the solar system and/or the universe, Canada’s contribution to space in the past, present, and future!

peterborough_planetarium_mars_school_groupGrade 9: Formation, evolution, structure and nature of the Solar System and the Universe. The appearance and motion of visible celestial objects. Astronomical Units and light years. Space exploration and Canadian contributions to efforts in space-based science experiments, astronomy, cosmology, and aerospace.

peterborough_planetarium_international_space_station_school_groupGrade 12: Origin and evolution of the Solar System. Mass, size, rotation, composition and magnetic field of the various planets and moons. Near-Earth space investigations including spacecraft (e.g. International Space Station), and humanity’s negative effects (space debris and pollution of the electromagnetic spectrum, etc…)



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