Space Tourism for Kids 9-99

How’d you like to take a vacation in Earth orbit? Or climbing the mountains of Mars? Or among the rings of Saturn?

ontario_planetarium_space_tourism_showSpace authors and Ontario Planetarium presenters/admins Rick Stankiewicz and Peter McMahon are proud to present an exclusive new show…

…based on Peter’s 2011 “Space Tourism” and 2015 “The Space ontario_planetarium-saturn-titan-windsurfingAdventurer’s Guide” books with Kids Can Press.

LIVE interactive narration by authors and journalists actively involved in reporting on the latest missions with SpaceX, Zero G, Virgin Galactic, and others combine with stunning CGI ontario_planetarium-LUNAR_ROVER_RACEvisuals to take participants on the voyage through the science, engineering, careers, and adventure behind the rapidly-growing private spaceflight industry.

Includes insights from test pilots, engineers, and astronauts our presenters have interviewed for their various magazine and book projects, as well as interactive looks at some of these not-to-distant-future spaceships and space vacation destinations.



20 minutes
25 minutes
30 minutes


– The Sun is the the principle source of energy for the Earth.
– Space exploration and the Solar System (planets, moons, asteroids, comets),
– Earth’s relationship with the Moon, the rest of the solar system and/or the universe
– Canada’s contribution to space in the past, present, and future
– Formation, evolution, structure and nature of the Solar System and the Universe.
– The appearance and motion of visible celestial objects. Astronomical Units and light years.
– Space exploration and Canadian contributions to efforts in space-based science experiments, astronomy, cosmology, and aerospace.
– Origin and evolution of the Solar System.
– Mass, size, rotation, composition and magnetic field of the various planets and moons.
– Near-Earth space investigations including spacecraft (e.g. International Space Station), and humanity’s negative effects (space debris and pollution of the electromagnetic spectrum, etc…)


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