Latest show experiences

Latest show experiences

From cute kindergarten adventures to stunning, truly unique experiences for older students and an expanded version of our signature presentation for libraries and seniors, we’ve got exclusive new shows for space explorers of all ages.

And each of these new shows is presented by a LIVE award-winning astronomy author/children’s author/astrophotographer based on our latest book and magazine writing and research.


ontario_planetarium_tour_universe_showThis March, we premiered “version 2.0” of Tour of the Universe – our most popular show. Additions include smoother movement, an enhanced trip to the International Space Station, animated volcanoes on Jupiter’s moon Io, a black hole, 3D star cluster, improved nebulas and a tour far beyond the Milky Way through intergalactic space.

We’ve also got shows on space tourism, constellations from around the world, ice worlds of the outer solar system, and more.

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