NEW larger dome AND 4K projection!

ontario planetarium new_dome_2019

After more than a decade as Ontario’s busiest mobile planetarium, we decided it was time to swap our time-tested (Circa 1985) Starlab for a brand-new travelling dome !

jasper_caribou_constellation_pyramid_lakeOur new dome is larger (approx 6 metres/20 feet in diameter, as opposed to our old 5-metre/16-foot model) AND has an enhanced projection surface for more seamless, immersive full-colour motion graphic space simulations for festivals, parks, malls, resorts, fairs and other events and locations.

The new planetarium also has a full-height more accessible “airlock” style entrance (as opposed to our previous entrance, which required participants to crawl into the dome.)

Even more exciting, as of Dec 2022, we have replaced our 1024p projector with a state-of-the-art 4K projection system AND our “second surface” mirror has been replaced with a precision “first surface” mirror with no image degradation between projector and dome.

ontario planetarium new_dome_2019_inside

“Our new planetarium and projection system will allow our presenters to deliver even more dynamic and exciting adventures to ‘space explorers’ of all ages,” says Red-Maple-nominated science author and Ontario Planetarium general manager Peter McMahon. “We are always excited to inspire the next generation of scientists, engineers, and maybe even astronauts!”