super_luminal_showA choose-your-own-adventure-style experience for Grades 9-12

Go faster-than-light on a fictional survey mission to another star in this exclusive hands-on, multi-environment experience designed specifically for high school students (with a different level of mission for each grade – can be tailored to specific courses.)

Inspired by movies like Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar and 2001: A Space Odyssey, this truly unique interactive show tasks science classes with:

  • deciding on what ship to take
  • how to manage life on that ship for the journey (Grade 11 & 12 missions)
  • super_luminal_show2manage a crisis that arises on the ship en-route (Grade 12 mission)
  • what planet to explore
  • planetside missions ranging from collecting info to getting out of a dangerous situation to finding the way to the final objective
  • and what to do if they reach their ultimate goal: To find life elsewhere in the universe.

super_luminal_show3AVAILABLE FOR GRADES: 9-12


45 minutes
60 minutes


– Daily and season changes.
– The Sun is the the principle source of energy for the Earth.
– Space exploration and the Solar System (planets, moons, asteroids, comets),
– Earth’s relationship with the Moon, the rest of the solar system and/or the universe
super_luminal_show4– Formation, evolution, structure and nature of the Solar System and the Universe.
– The appearance and motion of visible celestial objects. Astronomical Units and light years.
– Space exploration and Canadian contributions to efforts in space-based science experiments, astronomy, cosmology, and aerospace
– Origin and evolution of the Solar System and the universe
– Mass, size, rotation, composition and magnetic field of the various planets and moons
super_luminal_show5– Near-Earth space investigations including spacecraft (e.g. International Space Station), and humanity’s negative effects (space debris and pollution of the electromagnetic spectrum, etc…)


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