The Adventures of Robot Space Puppy

robot_space_puppy_showOur newest show, especially for Junior and Senior Kindergarten.

Take Robot Space Puppy on a walk around the planets as he searches for the perfect place to play in the universe.

Don’t let him get too close to the Sun (it’s VERY hot!) or too far away (you don’t want him to be cold.)

Don’t worry if he howls at the Moon – he does that sometimes.

robot_space_puppy_show2You’ll need to have Robot Space Puppy back home in time to feed him – so don’t go more than a few million km…

…It’s a big universe out there!

AVAILABLE FOR GRADES: SK, JK (and preschool for library or other general public shows)

robot_space_puppy_show3AVAILABLE LENGTHS:

10 minutes
15 minutes
20 minutes


– Daily and season changes
– The Sun is the the principle source of energy for the Earth
– Space exploration and the Solar System (planets, moons, asteroids, comets),


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