ontario_planetarium_tour_universe_showUPDATED SHOW

A totally ‘rebooted’ version of our most popular show: Tour constellations, the Northern Lights, and go on a thundering rocket launch into Earth orbit before visiting planets, moons, comets, stars, black holes, and galaxies (more…)

robot_space_puppy_planetarium_showNEW SHOW for JK/SK
The Adventures of
Robot Space Puppy

Our newest show, especially for Junior and Senior Kindergarten: Take Robot Space Puppy on a walk around the planets as he searches for the perfect place to play in the universe  (more…)

sl showNEW SHOW for high school classes
A choose-your-own-adventure-style experience for Grades 9-12

Go faster-than-light on a fictional survey mission to another star in this exclusive hands-on, multi-environment experience designed specifically for high school students (with a different level of mission for each grade – can be tailored to specific courses.)

Inspired by movies like Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar and 2001: A Space Odyssey, this truly unique interactive show tasks science classes with deciding on what ship to take, what planet to explore, and what to do if they reach their ultimate goal: To find life elsewhere in the universe.  (more…)

ontario_planetarium_constellations_showWORLD OF UNIVERSES
Did you know there’s a crocodile constellation? Or a loon? Journey to the darkest places on Earth to learn about the Greek, Egyptian, Arab, Chinese, Norse, Aztec, Inuit, and First Nations constellations (more…)

ontario_planetarium_mars_mission_showMISSION TO MARS: 2025
Take a 50 million km trip into the past, present, and possible future of the Red Planet. Tour valleys, mountains, ice caps, and orbit around the moons of Mars. Finally,  join our crew for a fictional first human mission to Mars (more…)

ontario_planetarium_space_tourism_showSPACE TOURISM
How’d you like to take a vacation in Earth orbit? Or climbing the mountains of Mars? Or among the rings of Saturn? Take a look at the science, engineering, careers, and adventure behind this quickly growing space industry (more…)

ontario_planetarium_FAQ_showFAQ: You asked!
We get more questions about Pluto, black holes and aliens then all other audience questions combined. For the first time, we’re offering a vivid tour through answers to many of our most frequently-asked-questions (more…)

ontario_planetarium_insider_showSPACE INSIDER!
Constellations, orbital views of Earth, and other cosmic places illustrate the most fascinating insights from book and magazine interviews we’ve done with Buzz Aldrin, Chris Hadfield & other space pioneers (more…)

ontario_planetarium_pluto_moon_ice_worlds_showREALM OF THE ICE WORLDS
Did you know there are hundreds, even thousands of “worlds” swinging around our Sun? Most of these are icy places on the edge of the Solar System. From Pluto and the other dwarf planets to comets and moons of the outer planets, come explore the worlds you never knew (more…)

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